Moai Capital and Advisors Meet on Rapa Nui to Discuss Global Impact

March 9, 2023, SAN MATEO, CA - Moai Capital, a Silicon Valley seed capital investor, announced the completion of a strategic offsite meeting with its board of directors and advisors on Rapa Nui, Chile.


Rapa Nui, formerly known as Easter Island, is a remote island in the South Pacific where an ancient culture carved large statues, or Moai, that they believed had “mana,” a supernatural force that enabled their achievements.  These statues inspired the mission of Moai Capital.


Brian Jacobs, founder and Managing Partner of Moai Capital said “We had three objectives for our strategic offsite in Rapa Nui.  First, we wanted give our board and our advisors a historical perspective as we considered our potential impact on the world.  Second, we wanted all members of the Moai team to see and appreciate for themselves the accomplishments of primitive civilizations with the hope that this will inspire them to their highest possible performance.  Finally, we invited promising members of the Gen X, Y and Z generations, with the hopes that we can leverage the extensive knowledge of our advisors by enabling our future leaders.”


The participants included Moai Capital advisor, Rob Theis, Managing Partner of the World Innovation Labs, who said “Moai Capital brought together a unique group of global leaders.  It is hard to measure the impact of connecting people of such accomplishment and potential.”  David Ketsdever, Managing Director of La Honda Advisors and another Moai Capital advisor, remarked, “Moai Capital is making its vision of the future into reality today.  It would have been impossible to fully understand the potential for Moai Capital’s global impact without visiting Rapa Nui.”   The group also included Moai Capital advisors Kristin Foss, Michele Macpherson, Paulmer Soderberg and Lynda Moyer.


Moai Capital would not comment on the time or location of future offsite meetings.