Moai Capital is a Silicon Valley seed capital firm, founded and managed by Brian Jacobs.  We focus on entrepreneurs who are maniacally driven by a business opportunity. Moai Capital invests in a wide variety of categories including consumer products and services, the internet of things and B2B cloud services.  We also make mission-driven impact investments with a specific focus on startups who are innovating to help increase employment for autistic adults.


Our investments are focused in three areas: 


 🌐Consumer Software/Hardware

 🌐 Business Software/Services

 🌐 Impact Investments


Our sweet-spot investments are:


 🌐Pre-seed, Seed or Series A

 🌐$25,000 to $100,000 from Moai Capital



What are Moai?


The great Moai statues of Easter Island were hand carved and erected by the Rapa Nui people who were totally isolated, thousands of miles from any other humans.  Like many early human cultures, they fashioned their most important creations in stone.  Over centuries, they evolved their technology forward, enabling them to cut massive figures and transport them miles across the island. To the Rapa Nui, the Moai are a source of "mana," a supernatural force or power to overcome obstacles.


Stone carving is a slow and laborious process.  Each creation requires meticulous upfront planning, intense determination and exhausting physical and mental effort.  For us, stone carving is a good metaphor for starting a new company.  Every entrepreneur is met repeatably with the equivalent of a stonewall:  obstacles that seem massive, unmovable, cold and impervious to change.  Since the beginning of our time, entrepreneurs have faced challenges like this, struggled and then overcome them through the force of will.  Our entire society evolved from the human drive to change the world around us.  Changing the world requires immense hard work, passion, vision, guts and a touch of of mana.



Our Values

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs build world-class companies while staying true to our values. Our values include:



🌐Learning new things                  


🌐Wonder, Awe and Fun

🌐Gratitude  and Giving Back               

🌐Turning our best dreams into reality


We love working with companies that share our values.



Moai Capital is an autism friendly workplace.