Moai Capital is supported by many advisors who have contributed their energy and unique insights to further our mission. 

Jamie Rapperport is a founder and general partner  of J4 Ventures and a serial entrepreneur who has worked with Brian from napkin to payday multiple times. His experience includes building world class teams, closing complex deals and selling to tech giants.  Jamie recognized the importance of mobile platforms and helped Brian develop some of the earliest Mobile Strategy Sessions.    

Bruce Jaffe is a founder and general partner of J4 Ventures and manages its East Coast investments and operations. Previously, he was an Emergence CEO and head of Microsoft’s M&A team.  As a confirmed deal junkie and coffee addict, Bruce has forged a deep bond with the Moai Capital team.



John Mitchell is a founder and general partner of J4 Ventures and Professor of Computer Science at Stanford.  If you took everything that John doesn’t know about A.I., it would fit on a 256MB flash drive. He can teach teenagers how to be billionaires.  Some of his students even own planes now.


Paula Brotherson is the chief financial officer for Moai Capital and its associated entities. She brings years of venture capital experience.  In addition to handling our treasury, audit and tax departments, she has been instrumental in correcting the mistakes that our management makes in our payroll and banking systems. Nobody has done more than Paula to keep us out of jail. 

Rob Theis manages the World Innovation Lab, a leading global venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley.  Rob has been instrumental in Moai Capital’s motivational and goal-setting strategies. As official photographer for Moai Capital, he played a key role at our Strategic Offsite on Rapa Nui. Rob hosted many of the younger participants and shared his perspectives on a career of living and investing around the world.  

David Ketsdever is founder of La Honda Advisors.  He is known as a rainmaker who has his finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley. His network and long list of transactions are invaluable to Moai Capital. He’s the type who gets up at 5am and rides to the top of a volcano for the sunrise (photo credit for background photo).  David hosted cocktails at our Strategic Offsite where he discussed millennials growing up in Silicon Valley.

Michele Dundas Macpherson is the Chief Business Officer and CFO of Cellworks.  Michele has been a critical partner for Moai Capital as we have explored global opportunities.  She understands how to motivate people from all walks of life, and she opened many doors for us.  Michele provided insights from her career in healthcare at the recent Moai Capital Strategic Offsite

Kristin Foss is a Vice President of Software Engineering at  Kristin is able to inspire high performance from teams at all levels of ability.  She advises Moai Capital on global opportunities in the hospitality industry.  We are grateful to Kristin because she is able to appreciate the long term vision of Moai Capital while also being honest about our failures.  

Paulmer Soderberg designs the fastest routers and switches on the planet. He knows malarky when he see it helping us avoid losing millions of dollars. Paulmer has played a key role documenting some of Moai Capital's exploratory trips and the Moai Capital Strategic Offsite.



Lynda Moyer is a thought leader in healthcare and an executive at BestBuy Health. Lynda helps inspire the Moai team to maximize our performance by maintaining health and fitness.  Lynda was an enthusiastic participant in the Moai Capital Strategic Offsite by providing clinical mentoring, wellness insights and some motivational dance moves with other leading women in the healthcare industry.